What is a Managed IT Services Provider

A managed IT provider, also known as an MSP, is the service provider that delivers managed IT services to a business. The works for the client to provide and manage services such as an IT network for online business needs as well as the infrastructure and security for the network and all devices connected to it. The managed IT provider may also manage website hosting and any support surrounding it. 

Choosing a managed IT provider may seem like a challenge, but there are a few simple things to keep in mind. 

Select an MSP that can support your business as it scales. Make sure it can handle your business now and in the future as you grow, add new employees, serve additional locations, provide better service to customers, and more. 

Your managed IT provider should also seem like an extension of your business. After all, the MSP works for you to both prepare for upcoming needs and handle any unforeseen needs as they arise.

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