Think Hosted Solutions

The easiest way to keep your software up to date

You need secure access to high-performance applications to run a successful business. With Hosted Solutions from Think Technologies, you can avoid purchasing, licensing and hosting your own software. We set up, configure and secure your applications in our cloud so your employees can work without being interrupted by the need to install patches or updates.


Hosting your software solutions with us means you can avoid costly upfront investments and outsource ongoing support. You get stable access to customized applications and we take care of the rest.


Hosted Solutions guarantee that you always have the latest and greatest applications without the maintenance and downtime that is required to keep them secure.

Our Hosted Solutions include:

Dave Fechtman, CEO
Dave Fechtman, CEOVelocity Advisory Group
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Think Technologies consolidated our technology to the Think Technologies Cloud Hosting Solution. Now our organization has a virtualized network with the latest Microsoft Office and operating system. With the added benefit of accessing our data from anywhere on any device working remotely is like being at the office. Think Technologies has given us the reliability and flexibility we need in our face paced business.

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