How to Create and Manage Passwords with Think Vault


This page will guide you through the process of creating and managing passwords in Think Vault.


The management of and creation of passwords is a relatively straight forward task but you must understand the following concepts:

  • Password Folders are used to separate and organize passwords as well as secure them to access to a limited number of employees
  • If a password is created without being assigned to a folder, then all users have access to the password
  • If a password folder does not have any Security Groups assigned to it, then ALL users have access to the password
  • As a Site Deluxe Administrator, you can create folders to secure passwords to limited numbers of employees
  • Password Folder is secured by created a Security Group and then assigning that to a Password Folder


  • You must be a Site Deluxe Administrator to perform the following actions

How To

Work Flow

The process of creating a new secured folder and security group will go as follows (see the next section for How Tos on each of these processes)

  1. Create a Security Group and add users to it. Usually the Security Group is named after a department or may be a direct match to the name of the Password Folder it will secure
  2. Create a new Password Folder and assign the Security Group to it to prevent unwanted access
  3. Create passwords and put them in the new Password Folder

Creating a Security Group and adding Users to It

  1. Login to your Think Vault web portal:
  2. On the left, click Access Control -> Security Groups 

3. On the right, click new Security Group, enter the group name, click Edit to assign existing users to it, then click Save

Now you have a Security Group created, you can use it to secure a Password Folder.

Creating a New Password Folder

  1. Login to your Think Vault web portal:
  2. On the left, click Company Vault
  3. On the right, click New Folder
  4. Enter a name for the folder
  5. Click Edit under Assigned Groups and assign your recently created Security Group as access
  6. Click Save

Creating a New Password in a Secured Folder

  1. Login to your Think Vault web portal:
  2. On the left, click Company Vault
  3. On the right, click the folder you want to add the new password to
  4. Now click on the New Password button
  5. On the New Password popup page do the following:
    1. Verify the Folder selected is where you want to save the password
    2. Enter the Username, Password, and a good Description of what the password is for
    3. Choose a credential Type
    4. If this password is for a website, in the URL field, enter the web address to the actual login page. It helps if you go to the login page and copy+paste the URL from your browser’s address bar
    5. For Notes, enter whatever notes you like if any and then click Create


You have successfully created a new password in a secured Password Folder.  If this is your first time doing so, ask a colleague who has access to this folder to see if they can see it!