Think Private Cloud Infrastructure

Advanced cloud computing for forward-thinking businesses

With the Think Private Cloud Infrastructure, you can access your organization’s network from anywhere on nearly any internet-enabled device. You and your employees will have access to virtualized desktops, each with its own operating system, peripherals and applications that can be accessed with a web browser.

In addition to increased accessibility, data integrity is enhanced because information is protected and backed up at the Think Technologies data center. This is not a cookie-cutter solution. Every user is granted a self-contained desktop that can be customized to fit his or her needs.

Our team will evaluate your organization’s IT infrastructure and long-term goals to create a one-of-a-kind solution. It may involve moving certain applications to the cloud and keeping some applications stored in onsite servers, or moving everything into the Think Private Cloud Infrastructure.

If you’ve been hearing buzz about “The Cloud” and would like to know if your business can benefit from this new technology, give us a call. When you enlist Think Technologies, you pay a fixed monthly rate and we take care of the rest. You manage your business; we’ll manage your technology!

When you sign up for one of our services, we provide ongoing support. We’ll never sell you something you don’t need because we define success as long-term client relationships.

Benefits of the Think Private Cloud Infrastructure:

Dave Fechtman, CEO
Dave Fechtman, CEOVelocity Advisory Group
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Think Technologies consolidated our technology to the Think Technologies Cloud Hosting Solution. Now our organization has a virtualized network with the latest Microsoft Office and operating system. With the added benefit of accessing our data from anywhere on any device working remotely is like being at the office. Think Technologies has given us the reliability and flexibility we need in our face paced business.

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