Think Vault Frequently Asked Questions

The site Passphrase is a code set by the first user's activation process. The first user of the organization created the Passphrase during their account sign up process. After they completed their sign up process, they would have received a confirmation email back with the Passphrase created in it. This Passphrase is used as a decryption key for the site during every user's access. If this Passphrase is lost, it CAN NOT be recovered by Think Technologies Group. It is of the utmost importance that the Passphrase is kept in a secret secured location that management knows how to access.

A Site Deluxe Administrator has full control over the organization's entire Think Vault configuration and passwords. They are allowed to create, edit, and disable Users, Security Groups, and Passwords as well as run audit reports on user's and passwords to view usage. A Site Deluxe User is only allowed to create, edit, and disable passwords which they have been provided access to.

A Security Group is a group of users that is applied to one or more password folders to give access to view, edit, and disable the passwords in the Password Folder.

A Password Folder is a folder that organizes and secures access to a group of passwords saved within it.

Think Technologies Group by default can NOT see any passwords that are created by you or your employees. The only way this is possible is if company management has authorized Think to maintain it's own user account within the Think Vault organization for your company.

My Vault is a separate section of passwords that can only be see by the user account you use. Site Administrators do not have access to your passwords in My Vault. The Company Vault is the set of passwords for the company that are meant to be shared between one or more employees via Security Groups and Password Folders.