How to Create a User for Think Vault


This page will guide you through the process of creating a new user for an employee that needs access to your password list(s).


You must be a Site Deluxe Administrator to perform the following actions

How To

  • On the right, click New User, then fill out the information as requested.***** For User Permission Level – If you want the person to have full administrator control, pick Site Deluxe Administrator.  If not, choose Site Deluxe User. ***** 
  • If your organization uses Security Groups, click View then assign the appropriate security groups to this user to designate which password folders they will have access to.
  • Finally click Create.

Next Steps

  • The employee you just created an account for will receive an email that asks them to complete their sign up. If you made them a Site Deluxe Administrator, you will need to either provide them your company’s Passphrase or type it in for them to complete the sign up.  If they were a Site Deluxe User, then they will not need anything from you to complete the sign up.
  • The first time they attempt to login, they will need to click the Request Passphrase button. You will need to send the new user the passphrase email.

Sending the Passphrase Email

  • Login to the Think Vault web portal:
  • Click on User Management, then Users
  • Click on the triple dot button next to the user you want to send the Passphrase to and then hit Edit User
  • Click Send Passphrase
  • The end user will receive an email with a link

User Sign Up Page

User Passphrase Request Email

Sending The Passphrase

User's Passphrase Email

*Remember that unless you have a configuration where everyone has access to all passwords, you will need to assign the user to the appropriate Security Groups for them to have access to your passwords.