Microsoft Office 365

The same apps you’ve been using for years, available from anywhere with the cloud

Office 365 is the key to simplifying your business processes and boosting your team’s productivity. As a full suite of cloud-based business applications, Office 365 is the most affordable option for Florida businesses that need to create, share and publish content. Rather than pay a large lump sum for lifetime licenses, you pay per user, per month for access to web-based versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more.


Office 365 is not a one-size-fits-all solution, which means you will need to configure everything, from user profiles to security protocols. This process requires an intimate understanding of IT best practices and the nature of your business processes. Think Technologies works with you to create a customized solution that considers the long-term growth and security of your documents and files.


You need Think Technologies to transform Office 365 from a good solution into a great solution.

The advantages of Microsoft Office 365 include:

Dave Fechtman, CEO
Dave Fechtman, CEOVelocity Advisory Group
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Think Technologies consolidated our technology to the Think Technologies Cloud Hosting Solution. Now our organization has a virtualized network with the latest Microsoft Office and operating system. With the added benefit of accessing our data from anywhere on any device working remotely is like being at the office. Think Technologies has given us the reliability and flexibility we need in our face paced business.

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