What is included in managed IT services?


Of all of the topics of the world, IT is one of the ones where it’s easiest to feel completely hopeless. Most business owners don’t start their companies because they love managing IT tech, but because they love what they do! So, although IT is important, it sometimes can seem like too much to handle. That’s why managed IT services are such an important asset for businesses nowadays. But, what exactly is included in managed IT services?


To start, it’s important to know what exactly managed IT services are. In short, managed IT is a form of help desk IT that is managed from a remote source. Instead of having an in-house team, managed IT consists of a third-party that manages all IT remotely via support access and physical resource distribution. It’s an easy and hands off way to have your IT needs met, without the stress of personal management.


Well, what’s included? For starters, managed IT comes with all-inclusive management. No matter what the issue is, managed IT services covers all aspects of the job and can assist with everything IT related.This includes hardware and software issues and anything else that you encounter with your technology. In addition, managed IT comes with proactive monitoring and management. Don’t wait for your IT to break down before you call, managed IT services will ensure that problems that can be avoided, will be avoided.


Every IT team needs a strategic planner – and you won’t be without one. Managed IT includes a strategic planner as well as frequent strategic management sessions to ensure that your IT recovery and infrastructure plans are as efficient as ever. You don’t need a big in house team to ensure that you will have a strong, strategically sound plan for your IT needs. 


One of managed IT’s best advantages is access to a 24/7/365 support network. You never know when an IT emergency is going to happen, so having a support team accessible whenever you need them is vital. But not just support is important in case of disaster! Managed IT comes with encrypted offsite and onsite backups, so your data is always secure and accessible, no matter the case! 

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