The technological world is one big bullet train – constantly moving quicker and quicker with new technologies, making the Internet the complex and beautiful place in the world. And with the changing of the technological tides, so follows the world of IT. And here at ThinkTechnologies, we are constantly evolving with the times as well! 

One of our services is our cloud-based IT services. We set up systems that will replace the pesky hardware that is incredibly expensive and difficult to maintain! It’s all managed in the cloud, through a third party software that will make your business run more efficiently. 

Think of it like this – it’s like a water company. You can technically harvest your own water. You can go out and gather water from a stream, boil it to purify it, and make sure it stays in a barrel in your house for use. But, that sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? Most people do the other option. They pay a company to manage their water for them, and in exchange, they pay for the amount of water they need. Sounds easier, huh?

This is the difference between hardware IT and cloud service IT. With hardware setup, you make everything yourself. Your own interface, your own programs, your own servers, and everything that you may need to operate a technological venture. This can be expensive and require a lot of work – including hiring an IT department or having to monitor huge amounts of physical equipment. It’s like harvesting your own water – tedious and time consuming.

The cloud service gets rid of the need for all of the physical equipment and services. Cloud service IT is all done on the Internet, and therefore, cuts down the need for physical equipment. It is a simpler way to get things done and doesn’t require an in-house program or team. All of the management is done online, and it can be very beneficial when you need to resolve problems. It’s like paying for a water company, you give less money than it would take to make your own and save the work and overhead. 

Cloud services have tons of advantages for new companies looking to invest in a software service. For starters, it costs significantly less to run a cloud based program. You no longer need the complicated array of boxes and cables that would usually be there in a different IT service, as well as not having to hire an IT team to constantly maintain everything. In addition, you would be able to customize your program to your team’s needs, which makes it easier for companies who don’t have huge online presences or needs.

Want to work from home? The cloud service makes it easier to work mobily! You can access files anywhere, anytime. No need to wait until a new work day to make sure that work is getting done. 

Cloud services are the future of IT management – and it could be a great investment for you and your business. It’s advanced technology, without advanced costs or equipment. The cloud service could be your business’ new best friend!

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