VoIP Phone Systems

Uninterrupted calls with crystal-clear audio for less than what you’re paying now

Internet-based phones that increase office productivity and save money

The 3CX Phone System runs within Microsoft Windows and costs less than landline services or other voice over IP (VoIP) systems because there are no proprietary components (like those of Shoretel, Avaya, etc.). In fact, chances are you already own all the hardware you need to start making calls.

The primary benefits of 3CX are twofold. First, 3CX was designed to reduce the need for costly vendor maintenance once it has been set up and configured. Second, this solution uses modern server hardware to create almost unlimited capacity. 3CX can be installed on an existing server or virtualized in the cloud to lower hardware, energy and management costs.

Our VoIP phone service for small businesses evolves your telecommunications by granting your employees access to office phone numbers, voicemails and faxes as long as they have an internet connection and a mobile device.

The top VoIP service providers in Ocala, Think Technologies offers premium Voice over IP Solutions for smarter and more efficient communication within your business.

A Windows-based VoIP systems comes with the following benefits:

  • Users gain more control and increase productivity by making calls from their computer
  • Phones connect to your computer network, which means fewer wires and easier hot desking!
  • Web-based dashboards make administration effortless
  • Employees can connect to work from anywhere using a remote extension
  • No vendor lock-in when choosing handsets or softphones
  • Make and receive calls via standard phone lines using VoIP Gateways or a SIP trunk

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