What Does a Project Consultant Do for IT?

When it comes to your technology investments, you want someone experienced at the helm. Someone who can provide clarity, direction and assistance with databases and security solutions. Someone who has the insight to make optimizations and continuously improve your systems, keeping them safe. In the IT world, this role falls to the IT project consultant or the chief information officer. 

While this role is important for businesses of any size, small businesses often don’t have the resources to employ a full time position. At Think Technologies, we understand this and it’s why we have project consultants on staff. Our project consultants work for you, keeping your data and networks safe, optimizing technology and infrastructure, and developing partnerships that keep your business running — all at a fraction of the cost it would be to have a full time, in-house IT professional. So just what does an IT project consultant do? Let’s take a look.

Review Goals & Expectations

Whether you want a project consultant on a per-project basis or if you want continuous support, the first thing an IT project consultant will do is meet with you to find out your goals and expectations. We’ll assess any needs your business may have, and help determine what it takes to achieve your goals. We’ll also collaborate on a plan to make it all happen. The plan includes clarity of the project scope, timetable and budget.

Assist with Implementation

Once a plan is agreed upon, we’ll begin by laying the groundwork and providing direction. We’ll work together with your business, staff, vendors and any other parties to ensure the project and actions align with the goals and objectives.


Our IT project consultants will provide support throughout the project, whether it’s a short-term project or an ongoing IT consultant need. We’ll be by your side through every step, too, even if unexpected after hours issues arise. Our 24/7 remote and on-site support services are here for you no matter what — or when.

When you need to outsource your IT needs, trust the professionals at Think Technologies. Connect with us today to see why we’re one of the most trusted names in IT throughout Florida.