In-House vs. Outsourced IT

In-house IT and outsourced IT are two different ways of managing your information technology needs. From dedicated outsourced teams that can provide your small business with everything from data security and employee training to cloud services, virtualization and more, to in-house employees with specific specializations, which option is best for your business? Keep reading to find out!

In-House IT

This type of IT management is run by a person or team employed directly by your business. They work only for you and are on your payroll. Though more expensive than outsourced IT solutions, in-house IT services are great for larger companies that have a constant IT need, whether for IT issues, employee turnover, data security training and more. 

However, most small businesses don’t need a full-time IT staff. Rather, this type of work would best be served on an as-needed basis. That’s where outsourced IT management and services come into play.

Outsourced IT

Outsourced IT services are managed by another company. Rather than having one person on staff that may only have top knowledge in one or two areas of IT, outsourcing means you get the full knowledge and services provided by IT experts. With managed IT services from Think Technologies, you’ll get round-the-clock monitoring and support so if anything happens at any time of day, we’ve got your back. 

We also provide scalable services. As your company grows, your IT needs will, too. As you add onto your team or work through growth stages, managed IT services from Think Technologies can add services and support you’ll need at every step. These include dedicated strategic planning, enterprise-level support and monitoring, data security, encrypted backups (onsite and offsite), and more. 

Our IT solutions can also include everything from cloud-based services and virtualization as well as network and data security, employee training and business continuity. 

Whether you’re looking for fully managed IT where we provide you with a fully managed network, or if you would prefer a co-managed IT solution (where we manage internal IT support and you can outsource issues as needed), our focus is on your productivity and efficiency every step of the way. 

Connect with our team at Think Technologies today to see how much you’ll save by adding, or switching to, outsourced IT management services.