How Can a Data Breach Be Prevented?

When a data breach occurs, it can cause loss of trust in your company and can lead to harm, not only for your employees but also for your clients and customers. Keep their data safe and prevent data breaches by implementing solid network security.

Let’s take a look at how you can prevent data breaches and keep your customers’ minds at ease.

Keep your software updated

The software that you use everyday can become outdated over time and susceptible to malicious attack. While seemingly frustrating to keep up with, updates are necessary to prevent holes in your network security. Keep your software updated to prevent data breach.

Use Strong Passwords

Strong, secure passwords help ensure that no one can access your login. Instead of a random mix of letters, numbers and special characters, create passphrases instead. This has proven more difficult for hackers to break into. Also use tools like Lastpass or other password keepers to detect if your passwords are compromised or need updating.

Implement Training for Employees

Train your employees to use your data networks properly so they know how to recognize actions that could lead to a data breach. Since many employees potentially have access to sensitive data, it’s extremely important to set up. It should also be strictly enforced. Employees should not write write down passwords or keep them in an easily accessible place, such as a Word document. Also, employees should know not to use tools that aren’t trusted, such as plugging in non-company USB drives to their work computer. 

Limit Access to Valuable Data

Data encryption and keeping data siloed is a great way to ensure that, should someone gain access to sensitive data, they won’t have access to everything. A great example of this is only giving employees access to the data they need to use; they shouldn’t have access to everything. 

Protect sensitive data from hackers and malicious attacks by employing some or all of these tips. Need support to make sure you’re covering all the angles? Hire an IT firm that specializes in network security. Our team at Think Technologies is here to help. Connect with us today to see what Think can do for you.